Speak Up

Speak Up! Your Voice Matters!

Reporting the emissions from the Bristol Virginia Landfill is an important way to use your voice for change. Your pollution and odor reports tell regulatory agencies about the daily impact of the landfill emissions on you and your family. We also like to use an app to share real-time reports in our community. 

Below are the three best ways to report landfill emissions in the Bristol area: 

  1. Report on City of Bristol VA site. This becomes part of the public record, and these reports are submitted monthly to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
    Link: https://www.bristolva.org/FormCenter/City-Help-Desk-7/Solid-Waste-Facility-Concerns-Odor-Repor-68
  2. Submit a Pollution Report to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. 
    Link: https://portal.deq.virginia.gov/prep/Report/Create
  3. Alert your neighbors to the smell using the Smell My City App. These reports also help HOPE for Bristol Volunteers to track and map the pollution reports in our community. 
    Link to app: https://smellmycity.org/