Contact Officials

Contact Elected Officials & Government Agencies

HOPE for Bristol’s Community Engagement Team wants to help you reach out to elected officials and government agencies. It’s important for us to tell government officials how the pollution from the Bristol VA Landfill affects us. 

We know that for many people in Bristol, this might be your first time writing or calling somebody in government. We are here to help! 

Below is a list of officials and agencies that you can contact to voice your concerns and ask for help for our community. Also, please scroll down the page to find sample letters that you can use. We’d love to hear how your call, email, or letter goes! 

Virginia Contacts

Tennessee Contacts

Sample letters

If you are unsure what to write in your letter or email, HOPE for Bristol has two example letters that you are welcome to use! Please feel welcome to personalize these form letters to reflect your own voice and situation. Be sure to remove the word “COPY” from the email subject line, and insert names and other information where necessary.

Sample letter for US Senators and Congresspersons

Sample letter for State Senators and Delegates

“Call to Action” Form

Our volunteers like to keep a record of their calls and emails to government officials. This helps us see how many elected leaders or agencies have been contacted, and sometimes our community learns new information from these officials when they respond to you. Using the “Call to Action” form is an easy way to share about who you contacted and what you learned! 

The video below shows how to use our “Call to Action” form to enter details about your calls and emails. This form is completely optional, but it’s very helpful as we consider where to focus community outreach from week to week. If you’re interested to help this way, please send us a message using the “Contact Us” box on our homepage, and mention that you’d like a link to our “Call to Action” form.